What should we wear if going skiing?

 Our readers are asking – what should we wear when going skiing? We will try to answer your questions by summarizing the recommendations of local and foreign ski experts.

“You do not need any special clothes for skiing. Long trousers are very appropriate. The boots cannot be too small, they are to be big enough to wear with two pairs of short socks. Then the hat and mittens. A specially warm underwear is not recommended as during the skiing it gets very warm.. 



If taking a longer tour which lasts for days you should clothe yourselves more thoroughly. Girls should wear over the gym tights a short skirt and gaiters.  Over the flannel blouse they should wear a sweater and a jacket of tight, warm material. While skiing, it is of advantage to wear trousers also for girls as the skirt is rather an impediment.


Much more suitable and necessary then a sweater is a sailcloth jacket - not letting the wind go through. In our climate it is better to wear such a jacket over the sweater. This is the most typical piece of cloth for all skiers.


In your backpack take some victuals (bread and butter, dried fruit), spear piece of clothing (sweater) and a long belt or string, which might be useful for repair.”*


* K. Luters. ”Ski Art”. Riga, publishing company ”Rīts”, 1931







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